SF State Digital Signage

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San Francisco State University has installed Digital Displays at seven locations on the main campus. The displays provide information of interest to the campus community, including current and upcoming events, transit information and achievements of note by students, alumni, faculty and staff. To learn more, follow the "About/Locations" link in the left navigation column.


Content currently on display appears on this page, so that members of the University community who use screen readers can access the information. For content displayed in the past, please follow the "Archives" link in the left navigation column.


Did You Know?

Don’t have your
OneCard/Gator Pass yet?
No problem!
Come to the OneCard office in the Student Services Building
Hours: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Monday – Friday
Learn more about
OneCard/Gator Pass at

Did You Know?

No More Designated Smoking Areas


As of September2, SF state will be 100% smoke, vapor & tabaco free

Safety Tip

Are you an undergrad in the College of Science and Engineering?

The CoSE Student Success Center advises on:

*General education requirements
*All-University requirements
*Graduation checks
*Assistance with GE petitions and other forms
*Referrals to major advisors and other on-campus resources